IMT Order Queue Manager (OQM)

Need Help Managing the Orders Lifecycle?

Healthcare organizations face the daily challenge of managing the clinical orders/results lifecycle. In most cases, office staff rely on either a faxed copy or a paper order from the physician. Once a lab test is completed, staff need to determine where and how to send these results back to the correct physician at the right practice. Manual processes and paper requisitions make lab tests slow, laborious and error-prone.

Optimizing the Order Queue Managment Process

IMT Order Queue Manager (OQM) automates the lab order and result lifecycle between ambulatory physicians and providers. OQM integrates with physician EMRs to enable care organizations to receive lab orders electronically, route and assign them to the proper lab, and electronically send the lab results back to the physician EMR.

OQM receives lab orders from physicians electronically and queues the orders. A web-based application lets you find and register the patient, locate and attach the provider, and route the lab order to the right lab. OQM also sends the results back to the physician. The easy-to-use interface lets you manage the settings for the business process and physician practice routing.

Value & Benefits

  • Automated & simplified lab order fulfillment
  • Fewer opportunties for data entry errors
  • Fewer resources manage the lab order queue
  • Accurate identification of the patient and provider through the order lifecycle
  • Easy management of provider-patient-location relationships
  • Simple and efficient management of routing rules

IMT OQM is built on the industry-leading IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management platform (formerly Initiate) and IBM Business Process Manager. OQM automates the full lifecycle of processing orders and routing results, for higher quality service, reduced downtime, and duplicate tests. With OQM’s modular design, you can determine how much of the lifecycle you want to automate, leaving you in control of the process.