A Business Registry for eGovernment

Many governments today are focused on creating a single portal for government agencies to streamline services and reduce regulatory burdens on businesses. A government business registry lets business owners and government streamline operations and increase compliance.

The IMT Business Registry for eGovernment gives you a single 360-degree view of every registered business. The Business Registry lets you view all of the information on file with the government and see what programs or resources are associated with each business.

The IMT Business Registry:

  • Provides a single authoritative source for identifying, linking and synchronizing company information across multiple data sources.
  • Enables the delivery and sharing of a single business/company view in support of various business programs.
  • Makes it easier to deliver services such as licenses, permits, registration, approvals, inspections, and grants−all in an efficient, user-friendly manner.
  • Enables trusted business representatives to update and manage their interactions with government in a single location.
  • Makes self-service and electronic channels easy.
  • Allows certain information to be available to the public (where applicable and in accordance to legislation and regulation).
  • Supports ongoing data quality and integrity through workflow-based monitoring and corrective-action techniques.

Business Registry

The IMT Business Registry is built on IBM’s InfoSphere Multi-Domain Master Data Management (MDM) infrastructure, which is the foundation for many of the most sensitive and confidential Registries in the world. The IMT Business Registry leverages the most accurate, trusted and proven matching and linking engine on the market, the IBM InfoSphere MDM matching algorithm.

Could You Benefit from a Business Registry?

With our Quick Start Assessment, we go to your site, load your client data from separate systems, build a 360-degree view of your clients, and deliver an analytics report. Find more information on our Quick Start Assessment.

Do You Need Resourcing and Support?

IMT offers an “appliance” model for our Business Registry for eGovernment that deploys rapidly, without a large investment on your end. Find out more here.