Know Your Citizens

Let’s face it… no one likes to stand in long lines, especially when it comes to lines for government services. With IMT’s proven Citizen Registry solutions, you can decrease the time it takes to enroll citizens in new programs, verify a citizen’s identity at the point of registration, and leverage known data about citizens to reduce fraud.  Integrated government services are relatively new. For decades, citizen data has been collected at the department or agency level with tight controls that often restrict sharing and exchanging data. This has led to further compartmentalization of citizen data, leading to widespread errors in data and duplication, opening the risk of fraud.

Leveraging Citizen Registries to Increase Data Quality

As government agencies start to see the benefits of data exchange and data sharing, agencies and departments find that shared data helps create higher data quality. Citizen profiles can be updated, corrected and refreshed at any point of encounter. So each time a citizen interacts with a government agency, they have an opportunity to make their own data better.

Key Benefits of a Citizen Registry

  • A single system of record reduces the need to ask citizens to fill out contact information at every step in the process, because their contact information is already known.
  • Inclusion of data from Vital Records allows agencies to identify citizens who have passed away and reduce fraudulent claims.
  • Pulling data into a Citizen Registry allows the foundation for “self-service” portals or kiosks, enabling citizens to manage their own data.
  • Understanding how citizens use government services across agencies helps the government to predict trends and analyze usage patterns.