A Secure Registry for Children at Risk

When multiple government agencies care for at-risk children, it is critical to the children’s well-being to coordinate cross-program resources. Fortunately, agencies are realizing how important it is to share information more effectively across departments—specifically, Education, Justice, Social Services and Health.

But getting agencies to share information is no easy task. It requires firmly regulating the information, and departments need to trust that legal requirements, security, and confidentiality and privacy regulations are respected.

Key questions that must be answered:

  • How do I share only a portion of my data with other agencies?
  • How do I maintain my own case management systems while doing this?
  • What access can be provided and how can it be controlled?
  • How do I know that users are who they say they are?
  • Who owns the shared data?

IMT’s Citizen Registry for Children at Risk

IMT’s Citizen Registry for Children at Risk resolves these issues. The Citizen Registry lets agencies and departments maintain their own systems and share only need-to-know information, privately and securely.

  • Use your own system.
  • Share only the data everyone agrees to share, and only to authorized users.
  • Access information in real-time at points of encounter.
  • Send alerts and notifications to caseworkers and others.
  • Create different “views” for different user roles.
  • Enforce information sharing agreements with robust data governance tools.

Children at Risk

The IMT Citizen Registry is built on IBM’s InfoSphere Multi-Domain Master Data Management (MDM) infrastructure, which is the foundation for many of the most sensitive and confidential registries in the world. The Citizen Registry leverages the most accurate, trusted and proven matching and linking engine on the market, the IBM InfoSphere MDM matching algorithm.

Could You Benefit from a Citizen Registry for Children at Risk?

With our Quick Start Assessment, we go to your site, load your client data from separate systems, build a 360-degree view of your clients, and deliver an analytics report. Find more information on our Quick Start Assessment.

Need Resourcing and Support?

IMT offers an “appliance” model for our Citizen Registry for Children at Risk that deploys rapidly, without a large investment on your end. Find out more here.