IMT Enhanced Analytics and Reporting

IMT has taken the patient-matching algorithms that drive the IBMⓇ InfoSphereⓇ MDM Standard Edition and developed new MDM “hubs” that provide an end-to-end solution to help hospitals, research organizations and eHealth  jurisdictions perform operational analytics in ways that were not possible before.

You can now perform group research and cohort selections, leveraging the Clinical Data Hub, in a cost-effective and timely manner. Use powerful visualization tools to easily create your own search requests and analyze the results of structured and unstructured text.

Benefits of Enhanced Analytics & Reporting

  • Group  patients with similar symptoms or medical treatment characteristics
  • Analyze outcomes to identify outliers or trends
  • Improve results and reduce costs of comparative effectiveness research
  • Detect rare events and analyze treatment outcomes
  • Resource utilization and the identification of patients for clinical trials

Benefits of IMT Quick Start

With IMT Quick Start, you can get insight into just how large your data quality issues are, giving you a measurable starting point to prove ROI over time.

  • Understand the extent of data quality issues in your organization
  • Justify the acquisition of an EMPI solution with supporting data
  • Jump-start the implementation process by understanding pain points
  • Frame future data governance policies around the results

IMT experts can help you leverage the data in your hub to create a reporting solution that best fits your business needs. Our team can help you create reporting solutions that extend the out-of-the-box reporting capabilities of IBM InfoSphere MDM.