Enhancing the Patient Registration Process

A lot of registration systems in healthcare don’t support standards-based messages such as the I.H.E. PIX/PDQ enterprise identity lookup. As a result, your registration staff can’t access enterprise master identity information that’s stored in your IBM InfoSphere MDM Patient Registry. And that means

  • You can’t harmonize business processes
  • More duplicates and overlays are created
  • Data steward workload increases
  • Your data governance suffers

Resolving Patient’s Identity in Real Time

IMT’s Resolve:ID™ enhances the quality and speed of registration and harmonizes business processes. Resolve:ID seamlessly connects registration systems to the IBM InfoSPhere MDM Patient Registry right “at the glass,” during the registration process. Known patient records are available at the point of registration, from anywhere across the enterprise.

Resolve:ID™ is not your Dad’s screen-scraper. The technology under the hood taps into the command layer of your mouse and keyboard to ensure that Resolve:ID™ is transparent to your system. It’s flexible to screen changes, easily configurable to your processes and workflow, and is centrally managed and updated.

Value & Benefits

  • Harmonize your enterprise-wide data collection processes at the point of registration
  • Improve compliance to data governance policies
  • Scrutinize your data before records are committed, catching errors before they happen
  • Configure your search rules without the need for expensive custom modifications
  • Avoid duplicates and overlays, and enhance your clinical processes
  • Eliminate transcription errors by leveraging the most recent updates to patient data