Simply put, IMT Master: ID™ is a new approach to Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) empowering you to know your patients, know your providers, understand relationships between them, and track key interactions. Master: ID™ provides a trusted view of patients, providers and organizations for use by clinical stakeholders. It enhances patient safety, reduces duplicate records, and provides confidence to the entire organization around your most critical data assets.

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Healthcare faces new technology challenges each year

New Reulatory Legislation

Repeal? Replace?
Realign priorities?

Marketplace Consolidation

Mergers & Acqusitions mean redundant systems

Rapid Technology Adoption

New systems come online
every month 

Zero Margin for Error

Healthcare IT systems
are mission critical

No matter the challenge or what is driving the change there are constants that will direct your technology needs and the corresponding investments. The constants are your patients and your staff. Your staff, especially those with front line and direct contact with your patients, can either create a positive interaction or cause questions to be raised throughout the patient cycle of care.

The entire process hinges on the accuracy of patient records, ease of registration, and management of patient records throughout your organization. You need to have confidence that your records are accurate and that your processes allow staff to focus on patient-centric care and not simply administrative tasks.

Know Your Patients – Get Real-time Insights

Data accuracy is the only way to have confidence in your patient records and the analysis that you conduct is that you trust the accuracy of your records.
The identity of your patients is the core of all the activity within your system and across your network of contacts. Master: ID™ is an industry-proven solution for creating a single, trusted view of the patient and provider data. We say “industry proven because we have installed MDM in over 150 healthcare systems. We know it works and we know how to help you get as much out of your data as possible.

Master:ID in the Real World

A regional Community Care Organization made up of 200+ independent physicians needed an EMPI solution to manage the patient records shared within the network. A major challenge was the lack of IT resources to support and maintain the system. Further, the customer preferred to make the MDM solution an operational expense instead of a capital expenditure due to budget constraints.

IMT configured and installed an IMT Master: ID™ MDM Appliance, which included the server hardware, pre-configured MDM software, standard messaging interfaces, and a 3 year support and maintenance contract with IMT. All they needed to do was send in their data and establish a data stewardship team to handle the data integrity tasks, like Overlays.

This solution continues to be a compelling way for an organization to get the value of MDM without all of the maintenance hassle. IMT manages the server (start/stop) remotely as well as deploys relevant fix packs as needed.

How is Master: ID™ Deployed?

We understand that different organizations have different needs relative to their IT infrastructure planning, installation and support. There are deployment options available for healthcare organizations that can fit into your IT architecture and support requirements. The end product delivers the same operational results. You simply select how you want to perform the ongoing support function.

You have a variety of deployment options for Master: ID™ that are designed to fit your budget, resource constraints, and IT platform preferences. Master: ID™ can be deployed in the following ways:


Master: ID™ MDM Appliance

Our MDM Appliance leverages IBM InfoSphere MDM Standard Edition with preconfigured data models, standard integration hooks, and advanced reporting features in a hardware device that literally “snaps” into your IT infrastructure. Your purchase includes implementation services, software and hardware licenses, and 3 years of maintenance and support from IMT’s certified team of specialists.



Master: ID™ Classic

Our Classic solution starts with the proven IBM InfoSphere MDM solution, deployed on your own hardware, and tailored to fit your organization’s needs. Our Identity Solutions Experts work with your team to configure the data model, integrate data sources, and tune the matching & linking engine to meet your needs. Additional IMT solutions can be incorporated to help you maximize your investment in Master: ID™ Classic.


Master: ID™ Cloud

Everyone is talking about “the Cloud” these days. Master: ID™ Cloud lets you harness the power of IBM InfoSphere MDM Standard Edition without managing the hardware. Through secure, encrypted channels, your patient and provider data is mastered, scanned for duplicates, and returned as a single list.  Online Data Stewardship tools continue to give you the same oversight as Classic and Appliance solutions.