Data governance (DG) is an organizational framework that involves establishing and continually supporting policies and procedures for managing enterprise master data. It involves defining the master data, developing standard data definitions and taxonomies, enforcing development and technical standards related to the data, and enforcing the rules for maintaining the quality of shared data. The DG framework also defines the roles and responsibilities within the organization for all those who are accountable for data quality.

Data stewardship is the implementation and maintenance of data governance policies and procedures. It includes the process of maintaining data quality and reviewing cases where the quality of your data might be compromised.

We understand how hard it can be to balance the competing needs of doing things right with getting things done quickly. Our expertise in establishing best practices for data governance and implementing effective data stewardship processes comes from over 25 years of experience in the Healthcare IT field.

IMT’s Data Governance & Data Stewardship practice witnesses firsthand the benefits of effective governance and stewardship as we manage large-scale healthcare IT projects. Let our team of certified experts help you tackle your Data Governance and Data Stewardship needs!

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