IHE with XDS Integration

Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) standards are improving the way healthcare computer systems share information. The IHE standards are supported by hundreds of vendor products today across the world. IHE promotes the coordinated use of established standards such as HL7 to address specific clinical needs in order to provide the best patient care. Systems developed in accordance with IHE communicate with one another better, are easier to implement, and help care providers to use information more effectively.

Cross-enterprise document sharing (XDS) is focused on providing a standards-based specification for managing the sharing of documents between any healthcare enterprise—from a private physician's office to a clinic to an acute care in-patient facility and personal health record systems. The IHE XDS standards are being widely adopted as a foundation for many Health Information Exchanges of an electronic health record.

Providing solutions for Health Information Exchanges is our core business. We're a North American Value-Added Reseller of the Forcare software suite, which offers a standards-based, modular solution to build IHE compliant HIEs for medical data exchange.

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