Get Started with a Risk-Free Assessment

Data quality issues can have a significant impact on your day-to-day operations. Most industries know that different pieces of data span their enterprise, causing an incomplete representation of an entity—but sometimes ignorance is bliss and not quantifying it means you don’t have to address it.

At IMT, we recognize that wishful thinking is not a strategy. Tackling your data problems head-on is your only option to consolidate data for actionable intelligence and compliance. At IMT we understand that accurate identity resolution drives operational efficiencies in both the private and public sectors. So let us help you understand the risks of doing nothing.

During an IMT QuickStart project, our IBM certified staff will load your data into a pre-configured MDM instance. We analyze the results to produce a comprehensive report that identifies and quantifies data quality issues across your enterprise. Using the advanced probabilistic matching logic found in IBM’s InfoSphere Multi-Domain MDM software, we link and match your data across all contributing sources to provide insights into your data that will allow you to make informed decisions.


  • Justify your acquisition of IBM InfoSphere MDM by understanding your data quality issues up front.

  • Improve your implementation by knowing your data quality hot spots before you start.

  • Speed up your implementation by configuring IBM InfoSphere MDM with data from QuickStart.

  • Gain the necessary insight into your enterprise to establish a data governance approach.


During a QuickStart assessment we leverage IBM InfoSphere MDM tools, which use highly advanced data quality inspection methods to give you deep insight into your data quality. If you find at the end of process that you do want to purchase the full MDM, simply transfer what you have learned from QuickStart directly into your IBM InfoSphere MDM implementation—saving you time and money. A comprehensive report is provided at the end of the engagement that delivers specific metrics around attribute validity, score distributions, referential integrity, inter-source duplication, intra-source overlap and temporal analysis.

To learn more about the QuickStart program, download the QuickStart fact sheet.

Interested in how IMT can help you leverage the potential in your enterprise data?