Enhanced Data Stewardship & Governance

People have a natural tendency to organize around “functions” like ER, OR, DI, ICU, Pharmacy. Each group sees the data that they create and use as “their” data. In a Health Information Exchange, Patient Registry, or EMPI, the use of electronic medical records is based on trust in the information. Someone needs to care about the data—not the functions—and see it as “our” data across the enterprise.

Solid information governance and effective data stewardship are built around trust, adoption, usage, behavior changes, mitigation of risk and better care. As healthcare information is shared beyond a department or facility, it is critical to enforce rules and procedures that govern and protect data.


Data governance determines how your medical records are shared, read and used. All too often, governance ends when the document is created. But at IMT we believe the governance plan is just the beginning. We use analytical tools, workflow engines, and IBM’s InfoSphereⓇ MDM Standard Edition to create governance processes that are built into the interface—not just a binder that sits on the shelf.

Benefits Of Solid Data Governance

  • Clear purpose and priorities across the Patient Registry/HIE/EMPI

  • Accountability for following and enforcing regulations

  • Stakeholder alignment and participation

  • Empowered stakeholder organizations

  • Established patient data as an enterprise asset


Data stewardship carries out the governance plan. Stewardship starts with understanding what the data quality problems are, then creating clear, repeatable processes for remediation. IBM’s Initiate Inspector provides an interface for searching for data quality issues (“tasks”) and resolving them.

IMT extends and enhances data stewardship by using best practices for resolving tasks and creating tailored stewardship applications that have your business rules and workflow built right in.

Benefits Of Effective Data Stewardship

  • A shared electronic health record that you can trust

  • Accurate, consistent, timely identification of clients at the point of registration and care

  • Compliance with key processes (e.g., adoptions, VIP, witness protection, etc.)

  • Improved efficiency, quicker registration, reduced duplicates and successful billing


As an IBM Premier Software Partner, our wealth of solutions help create solid information governance and effective data stewardship, including:

Consulting Services—Our experienced consultants have helped numerous enterprise clients create information governance plans and data stewardship processes. These include information exchange protocols, information management agreements, data stewardship organizations, data stewardship tasks and processes, and service level agreements for an HIE

Information Governance & Security—A health information exchange shares data asset across numerous organizations. This makes it critical to manage the information to ensure organization participation and adoption. We use IBM’s Optim and Guardium software products to provide the following solutions:

  • Manage HIE test data to ensure the data is appropriate to test all scenarios and de-identified following specific governance rules (e.g., no trademark names like Mickey Mouse).

  • Ensure that production data is version controlled and tracked for who accessed it and for what purposes.

  • Archive data in accordance with HIE governance policies.

  • Monitor for suspicious activities and audit access.

  • Secure and ensure data integrity. 

Data Profiling—A challenge with all HIE projects is acquiring and consolidating the shared clinical data. Strong data profiling tools let you look at an onboarding source system’s data before loading it to the HIE You can develop estimates and plans for adding new sources to the HIE The IBM Discovery software provides this feature-rich data profiling. The program lets you decide what data remediation steps to take and allows you to identify the impact of your actions on current data stewards.

Data Policy Management—IBM brings a unique solution to the table with the Data Policy Hub, which is a part of the overall IBM Master Data Management platform. The Data Policy Hub is unique—it actually monitors and trends a source system’s incoming data against the derived master record in the MDM hub. HIE data stewards can see how a source system is performing with respect to data quality. They can also monitor the impact on the overall data quality. This allows data stewards to work with the source system stakeholder organization to determine what processes or practices need remediation.

Data Stewardship—An HIE requires an effective data stewardship group to act as the business owner for the HIE information. And an effective data stewardship group needs good tools to deal with data integrity issues in the HIE The IBM Master Data Management platform provides the world-class Inspector data steward tool for managing key data steward tasks. Coupled with the IBM Business Process Manager, new custom tasks and workflows can be created and added for data stewards in a very short time frame and with little programming effort.

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