HIE/IDN Clinical Data Sharing (IHE XDS)
IHE XDS – Enterprise Clinical Data Sharing

As an authorized Value-Added Reseller of the Forcare XDS software suite, we provide solutions for health information exchanges. A health information exchange is a network that allows organizations to share clinical data to support key clinical processes.

Forcare’s market-leading solutions are based on the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS) international standards. Forcare’s solutions offer a growth platform for organizations to expand their clinical reach.

IMT provides architecture, design and deployment services for your XDS solution as well as ongoing maintenance and support once your XDS network is in place.


  • Improved quality of care. Get access to clinical information inside and outside the healthcare organization.

  • Improved relationships with your clinical partners by providing a high-value information system that supports their workflows.

  • Compliance to Meaningful Use metrics.

  • Patient-centric information access. Show your patients that care professionals spend their time caring about them—not chasing information.


Forcare’s product suite consists of six key components that form a complete modular IHE XDS infrastructure for clinical information sharing.

  • Patient-centric registry. ForIndex keeps track of metadata for shared clinical documents. This creates a patient-centric reference index of available information.

  • Clinical document repository. ForStore stores and archives documents created by clinical source systems. After receiving documents, it registers their availability and formats with the central registry.

  • Document access. ForView is a web-based viewer that lets clinicians access all documents registered in forIndex. It provides various ways to search for information, presents documents in a historical overview and allows access to documents with a simple mouse click. ForView can easily be integrated into your local EMR environment and it is highly customizable. Both Microsoft Internet Explorer as well as Mozilla Firefox are supported.

  • Easy-to-connect clinical systems. ForConnect offers connectivity to existing clinical information systems, such as HIS, RIS and PACS, using communication standards like DICOM, HL7 and PDF. ForConnect acts as a broker to “XDS-enable” your existing information systems.

  • Audits and Logging. ForAudit offers standardized logging of all relevant activity in the connected systems. It provides detailed information on who accessed what information at what time. This ensures accountability.

  • Cross-community access to patient information. ForBridge allows your XDS-based health information exchange (HIE) network to access patient information that resides outside your home community. ForBridge is based on the cross-community access (XCA) profile from the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) organization.


As a Premier IBM Information Management Partner, IMT has fully integrated the IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management Platform as an identity source into the Forcare XDS Index Registry. This integration provides the complete XDS solution you need to share clinical information throughout your enterprise. Contact us for a WebEx or in-person demonstration of this integrated solution.